The Schmick’s | Door County Family Session At The Farm

The Schmick’s | Door County Family Session At The Farm

“My husband, Randy, and I have been camping in Door County going back to when we started dating. (21 yrs ago) It started out me showing him where I was born, and started growing up in Fish Creek on a farm which my God Father now owns. I showed him the schools I went to, beaches and beautiful parks I played at and of course favorite places to get ice cream. Now our girls Isabelle aka Belle 10 yrs old, Samantha aka Sammy or Sam is 6 soon to be 7 enjoy hearing the stories and visiting the area.

Our whole family loves the area and we visit yearly. It started with an extended weekend, to a week to 10 day trip to a whole month this year! We have extended family and friends that come up and enjoy the area with us too.

We even squeezed in a winter weekend this year were we took the girls to Hill 17 in the Peninsula State Park sledding, yet another childhood memory of mine I got to share with our girls.

Last year when we were driving around sight seeing and capturing family memories with my camera I mentioned to my husband we should have a family picture taken since our last was when our youngest was 2 months old. We decided to have our family pictures taken up here in Door County because we all love the area so much.

We enjoy visiting my GodFather at the old homestead and reminiscing. We enjoy everything Door County has to offer.”

Thank you Letty for the great personal write up. Your family was lots of fun to capture and explore with. The weather was perfect and your girls were so ready for fun with the camera 🙂

So many of my clients who live near and far have such wonderful yet different memories of their time spent here in Door County during their summers etc. of their youth. They now travel here to share with their children the different experiences this charming county has to offer. The Farm is just one of several must stops if spending time in the county with children. Why even the adults love it and return time after time for its relaxing charm~ and who doesn’t love to feed animals and cuddle with baby goats, kittens and chicks amongst other animals.

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