One Year Session With Quinn | Door County

This one year  session with Quinn was the final session of a Love bundle purchased by her parents. I had captured their maternity, newborn, 6mo and 1 year photos. Quinn is a July 4th baby! Now that’s a fun day to celebrate your day 🙂

Door-County-Family-PhotographerDoor-County-Family-PhotographerDoor-County-Family-PhotographerDoor-County-Family-PhotographerDoor-County-Family-PhotographerGreen-Bay-Family-PhotographerSturgeon-Bay-Green-Bay-Door-County-Family-PhotographerSturgeon-Bay-Green-Bay-Door-County-Family-PhotographerWisconsin Family PhotographerSturgeon-Bay-Green-Bay-Door-County-Family-PhotographerOne-Year-Session-Photographer-Green-Bay-Child-PhotographySturgeon-Bay-Green-Bay-Door-County-Family-PhotographerDoor County Family Photographer

“Our little firecracker turned one July 4th and it seemed like the year flew by so fast that if we blinked we would have missed it! We were so excited to have her one year pictures taken on the beach in Door County. Quinn is definitely a beach baby just like her momma which we found out right after our first family vacation to Clearwater Beach where she fell asleep floating on the waves in the Gulf. So it only seemed fitting to have her pictures taken on the beach. We are definitely an outdoors family so the setting was perfect. Quinn is such a spunky vivacious little girl who’s not afraid to go full speed at life despite the bumps and bruises. During her photo shoot she started off pretty straight faced while she figured out what was going on but once she got comfortable she starting hamming it up for the camera. We are excited to see the pictures because we know that Cassie was able to capture the true happy fun loving personality we see every day in Quinn. Every day Quinn continues to develop into an independent and easy going little girl which was evident during her session when she didn’t want to be held by momma or dad but rather just seemed to want to play on every prop Cassie brought out while giggling and smiling at the camera. Her dad says she’s the most popular person he knows because people seem to know her name more than ours. We are so glad Cassie was able to capture all of her best traits in her one year session and look forward to future sessions to see her development through photographs.”

She sure is full of personality. Oh and those chubby cheeks and legs, ahhhh I can’t get enough! Was a great night to capture Quinn’s one year session and I look forward to capturing her an your sweet little family! Thank you for making the trek  up to Door County to see me and Happy First Birthday to the sweetest 4th of July baby I know 🙂

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