Laney And Louise | Wilke Fur baby Session Part 1

Child Photographer

I have not been able to really know how to write this blogpost, or if to even post and share this photo session with everyone. It has been three months since I asked my dear friend if she would be interested in me capturing their fur baby Louise, to be the face of my February promotion where I was to be offering up a special to my pet owning and loving clients. Laney and Louise came in one evening that month for their session together. The following morning I shared with my followers the pet promotion. Just a couple nights later I received a call that Louise had unexpectedly passed away. She was a young, sweet basset hound but even more so she was a dear family member. I remember my girlfriend referring to her by the name Sissy to her daughter during our session together. I knew that they were in shock and devastated.  I’ve been there myself a few times before~ perhaps slightly different circumstances but when you loose a fur baby it takes time just like anything to begin the healing process. There is no way to ever fill the heart with another as each pet will  occupy a special space there forever! The memories shared are forever treasured as well.I’m so glad that we were able to capture Louise and that the family will have these images of her for always.

I took some time playing in my new studio space with their middle child as well as I just cannot help myself with children. Since I had Laney here to take a few with Louise I just had to snap a few of just her. The camera just eats up this girl and it helps that  she doesn’t mind being in front of it either. She had ideas of her own and as long as I get to do a few of my to do’s I take no issue letting kiddos pose and run with their ideas as well~ keeps everyone happy 🙂

Stand by as this fursissy story continues with part two coming to the blog shortly…

Don’t forget that part two of this story will be coming tomorrow <3

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