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Last year our youngest, Hadley, took lyrical dance through our local YMCA. Her instructor was a beautiful young woman, Julia.  We had known just a bit about Julia through our oldest daughter Marley as they both had worked on a local project called LEAP The Human Kindness Project  together in High School. Julia was taking a gap year as she prepared to attend a dance school the following year. She was working hard at her craft as well as working many hours in retail and instructing dance for little ones. Hadley followed Julia’s lead and advise and began taking ballet lessons last summer from the same highly trained retired professional ballerina as well as hip hop via another instructor.

I was so impressed with Julia’s hard work, responsibility and her presence as a young adult~ a fantastic role model to my little dancer, that I offered up a dance photo shoot to Julia before she headed off to school late this summer. I’m so glad that I offered to do so as I found out that I love to capture dance photography. Hadley and I along with some other parents and dancers had the opportunity over the Holidays to catch up with Julia while she was home on break at their Door County Ballet instructor’s home. Hadley and I gifted her a custom photo album of the following images, as a token of thanks for being such an inspirational and beautiful young woman inside and out!

” I have danced on and off for quite a long time, I took tap and ballet classes when I was little, moved on to lyrical, then I competed with my high school high-kick team. I really began dancing seriously when I moved to Sturgeon Bay and started ballet classes at Dancin’ on the Door  in the fall of 2015. I loved it, and quickly worked my way up to the higher levels and pointe classes in the summer of 2016. I had such an amazing experience working under Miss Julia, as a student, and eventually with her, assisting in classes. I feel like I owe who I am as a dancer to Miss Julia, she really inspired me, pushed me to work hard, and taught me so much about dance (and life) in such a short amount of time.

If I had told my 2015 self what my 2018 self was doing, she would not believe me. This year I got to teach young dancers, choreograph an entire show, and conquer an incredible piece of repertoire from Swan Lake. I also auditioned for many colleges, from Milwaukee to New York, got rejected by a few, but got accepted into just as many, and ultimately chose to attend Columbia College Chicago. I can already tell that Columbia is a perfect choice for me because I get all the opportunities of the big city while still being close enough that my family can come see my performances and all the cool things I will get to be a part of.

I don’t think I can say enough thank you’s to the people who have helped me get to where I am now, but I am sure going to try. Thank you to my parents for emotionally and financially supporting my decision to dance, and my whole family for standing behind me. Thank you to Miss Julia, Miss Willa, Miss Andria, and Amanda List for being positive dance role models in my life, and Makena, for dancing beside me. Thank you to Nicole Herbst, Kristen Schulz, and Leslie Hill for giving me a chance to create, work beside you, and have professional work experience. Thank you to all the friends that have stuck with me, even though most of the time I was too busy at the studio to make time for you, the friends who haven’t missed any of my performances, and the friends that put up with me when all I want to do is tell you about class that day or the new blister on my toe from my pointe shoes.”

~ Julia Gomez

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